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 Sunday 21 November 2021 was celebrated in Rome, in the Franciscan Institute in Via Sette Chiese...

, the 102nd birthday of Sister M. Apollonia Gagliardo, my great aunt Domenica.With a last-minute decision, I "flew" to the capital to be able to celebrate it in person, believing that I would give her a welcome gift.There was great joy in embracing her again, in spending the morning recalling her dearest loved ones and remembering the summer holidays in Prascorsano and the visits to Rome, with my family, every two or three years.In the small church of his institute, Holy Mass was celebrated at 7.30, while in Prascorsano (TO), his native town, several grandchildren attended the Holy Mass, which was celebrated at 10.30.The lunch, in the festively decorated hall, began with the "Jubilate Deo" melodiously sung by the Sisters, joined for the occasion by Mother General Sr. Maria, the Vicar Sr. M. Paola and the Secretary Sr M. José. The birthday girl was visibly excited, but always present, albeit with hearing and memory difficulties.We enjoyed the beautiful strawberry cake with number-shaped candles blown out by the aunt. Mother General offered each diner a rosary chaplet, with the invitation to dedicate this prayer for the first time to Sr. M. Apollonia.Thanks! As always, in the Franciscan Institute in Rome, I breathed the "air of home", in a serene and heavenly atmosphere.I sincerely thank Sr. M. Silvia, sweet, kind and smiling, and all, really all, the welcoming Sisters (Sr. M. Sheeren, Sr. M. Carmen, Sr. M. Elza, Sr. M. Ermelinda, Sr. Sr. M. Sara, Sr. M. Rosa, Sr. M. Elisabetta, Sr. M. Fernanda, Sr. M. Pia, Sr. M. Elvira, Sr. M. Latifa, Sr. M. Valeria ). A grateful memory also to the late Mother Roberta and to the other deceased (Sr. M. Lucia, Sr. M. Eletta, Sr. M. Elisia).In the afternoon I again enjoyed the presence of my aunt, a delicate person and faithful witness of God's love. Despite the fact that her head, as she says, loses a few blows, Sr. Apollonia still participates, as far as possible, in community life, entrusting her days at the Lord's will and always remembering his family of origin in prayers.His every word is a pill of simple wisdom and I consider myself very honored to be his great-granddaughter! See you at 103 !!

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