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Rise and lift your head ...

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This first Sunday of Advent invites us to raise and raise our heads, these are the two verbs of anti fear ... 

they are like the two lights that must accompany us on our journey. Raising your head means making a headshot, reacting, moving, being convinced that the Lord comes at all times, in the here and now in history. In the advent we are invited to awaken the expectation of the glorious return of Christ when he will return at the end of time, preparing ourselves for the final encounter with him with coherent and courageous choices. Choices that mature in prayer and are historicized in charity. Don Tonino Bello writes: "It occurs to me that Advent, the period of waiting, begins today in heaven. Here on earth it is man who awaits the return of the Lord, up there in heaven it is the Lord who awaits the return of man. A return that can be achieved with prayer, with a life of poverty, justice, clarity, purity, love, and with the evangelical witness, and with a strong passion of fraternal solidarity ”. The words of St. Augustine are particularly incisive when he tells us: "Help those with whom you walk, in order to reach the one you wish to remain with" To the Virgin of expectation, to the Mother of hope, to Mary our mother, we entrust this advent affiche like her and, in the footsteps of St. Francis and mother Catherine, we can generate Christ in the heart of every man.

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